About the Administrative Coordinator position

We are looking for a detail-oriented person to join our team - assisting both the CEO and COO in carrying out the day-to-day functions of the ministry, supporting the office, and managing key communication structures.

Eligible candidates should possess great organizational and communication skills, and have a solid teamwork background. As a small team, who accomplishes much, we expect you to be able to efficiently and effectively collaborate with our whole staff, working directly with the CEO daily.

1. Assists the CEO – including daily morning check-in with CEO

A. Oversees Priority Management

  • Initiates routine correspondence and meetings with Major Donors and Key Ministry Partners
  • Resolves routine and complex inquiries

B. Schedules and Maintains Activities of CEO

  • Maintains calendar of appointments and meetings
  • Books and manages travel itineraries
  • Files expense reports

C. Coordinates Meetings / Special Events

  • Coordinates and prepares Board of Director meeting materials, including compilation of board documents and filing of meeting minutes and materials
  • Assists with Development Events: planning and on-site coordination

D. Documents strategies and steps necessary for implementation of vision

2. Assists the COO / Maintains Office

  • Acts as the initial office point person: greets visitors, answers the phone, manages general the email account
  • Initiates birthday and work anniversary celebrations
  • Helps strategize and implement streamlined office procedures
  • Manages relationship with building management to coordinate and facilitate all building maintenance
  • Manages office supply inventory and ordering
  • Organizes and recruits volunteers for in-office work days / mailings
  • Tracks, maintains, and develops Volunteer appreciation efforts

3. Manages External Communication and Contacts

A. Retreat Church Referral and Agency Communications

  • Sends initial contact emails to all retreat attendee church referrals
  • Calls church referrals asking for sponsorships
  • Emails Agencies, notification their workers are attending
  • Manage, records, and tracks activity in Salesforce

B. Donor Appreciation Communications

  • Call, email, or meet with donors thanking them for their contributions
  • Assist with Pre/Post Events, Campaigns, Retreats gratitude

C. Database Entry, Correction, and Updates

  • Enter contacts, organization, and lists as needed into Salesforce
  • Correct and update existing organizations and contacts (ongoing)

Event Support

  • Support post-retreat communications (hand-address thank-you letters; stuff, stamp, and postal drop thank-you letters)
    • Support annual fundraising event set up (auction preparation, print needs, supply procurement, etc.)
    • Support retreat set up (assisting in packing supplies, aiding in keeping storage organized.)
    • Support year-end campaign (mailings, phone calls, etc.)
    • Support office projects as they come up

    Other tasks as requested by the Executive Team

    Administrative Coordinator requirements are:

    • Innovative and adaptable learner, utilizing new tools and technologies
    • Strong interaction٫ communication and administrative skills
    • Preferred practical experience with software and technologies٫ such as Salesforce, Slack, Box, Trello, Airtable, MS Office 365, Apple products.
    • Strong organizational skills.
    • Thrives (pun intended ;-) in a closely knitted, small team environment

    Position Details:

    • 25 hours/week (5 hours/day Monday-Friday), $20/hr.
    • Benefits-eligible (pto, medical, dental)
    • Lakewood, Colorado-based office (split in office/remote work)